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    Jennifer Anderson

    Thanks, Gail for delivering your teleclass, "Find Your Speaking Audience," to my CoachU Public Speaking SIG. Here are comments from one of our participants and my client.

    "I liked her pointing out and defining how important it is to focus on a specific market. I appreciated her honesty in stating it's contrary to what you'd think would be the best approach. I liked the reference to [being] more memorable and more referable!

    I liked the 5 doors; work, health, relationships, home and money. I thought it was valuable to think through talking to your target audience and imagining what they do, where they go, gender, age, life stage, etc.

    I believe it was helpful to consider the "what" and come up with the measurable, tangible, concrete results of working with me. I liked hearing the sample statements to fully understand how to be more specific.

    Gail has a down-to-earth approach, provides great examples and seems very easy to relate to.

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